Attraction Control and Monitoring Systems are the backbone of today's entertainment technology and are designed to direct the overall experience of the attraction and interface with the special effects, animation, audio, video, and lighting used in today's complex theme park attractions. 

Monitoring provides real time video surveillance and system logging of faults and system warnings.  These technologies are critical to allow for the safe and efficient operation of today’s themed attractions.

ITEC has been designing, fabricating, programming and integrating Attraction Control Systems for themed attractions, worldwide, since 1990.  ITEC has a proven record for providing safe and reliable Attraction Control Systems for today's most complex integrated themed attractions.


In keeping with ITEC’s full-service approach, our audio and video engineers create media delivery systems that perfectly suits each project’s theme and venue, thereby providing the best possible guest experience. As guests are immersed in the sound and visuals uniquely created for a specific simulation ride, theater presentation or preshow, they are temporarily “transported” by their senses to the most unique set of experiences possible.  ITEC’s engineers use the latest technologies along with years of experience to provide the most innovative and awe inspiring audio and video presentations. 


The artistry and expertise of ITEC’s in-house Show Lighting team brings technical reliability together with the team's creative eye to result in lighting designs and lighting effects that vastly enrich the guest experience. ITEC's expertise in Show Lighting raises the bar from an average entertainment experience to an outstanding entertainment event.


Need something that is very unusual or very custom?  Then do what some of the largest companies in the Themed Entertainment business do: Contact ITEC Entertainment Technology group.  ITEC can design and produce custom packaging, circuit boards and software to solve your custom problem.  Our engineers have experience with extremely high vibration and space limited applications, all while maintaining our reputation for high reliability.

Innovative technology is a must in today’s rapidly shifting entertainment environments. ITEC has been a worldwide industry leader in the development and application of creative show and attractions technology for over 25 years. Expertly merging the software development with challenging technical requirements, ITEC’s systems are at the heart of many of the world’s top themed attractions, turning project dreams into real-world entertainment.