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ITEC Entertainment China

combines the unequalled themed

entertainment development experience of

ITEC Entertainment USA

and the rich history of iconic

architectural design and engineering of

Shanghai Xian Dai Architecture

Engineering & Consultants

to offer creative and production design,

entertainment technologies and integrated services

to the increasingly diverse

leisure entertainment industry.


A shared passion for excellence unites

ITEC Entertainment USA and

Shanghai Xian Dai to create

ITEC Entertainment China

- a dominant new force and provider

of integrated entertainment solutions.




When it comes to themed entertainment design and production, ITEC Entertainment China’s expertise ensures your project is positioned for success and that means we bring you best-in-class entertainment solutions that include theme parks, rides and shows; cultural attractions; resorts and mixed-use; themed dining; entertainment centers; and themed retail.



Guest Experience

We ignite dreams and bring stories to life to create the most memorable and magical experiences for your guests.

Our attention to even the most minute details delivers authenticity to your plans and transports your guests into a world beyond their imagination.




Clients benefit from ITEC Entertainment China’s heritage of providing the some of the most successful and comprehensive guest experiences.

Our culture of performance and innovation pushes the frontiers of themed entertainment design, production and technology to new heights.


ITEC’ Entertainment China approaches each opportunity and challenge with the same rare combination

of abundantly innovative ideas, made real by in-depth technical ability.