ORLANDO, Fla.  – ITEC Entertainment Corporation, an industry leader of worldwide entertainment solutions, announces that is has completed the design and integration of Ride Show Supervisor systems in six attractions for two theme parks at Dubai Parks and Resorts – Motiongate and Bollywood Park. 
As reported in the April 2017 issue of Funworld, Dubai is working to transform its image from that of an opulent shopping region to a year-round destination for families. Dubai Parks Destination Management LLC turned to ITEC Entertainment to provide the experience and capabilities needed to further that vision. ITEC was brought on to design, build and commission the Ride Show Supervisor systems for the more complex and integrated attractions at the two theme parks.

“ITEC was honored to be selected for the project and excited to take on the challenge of designing and building such a large number of systems simultaneously on an aggressive schedule,” said Steve Alkhoja, Vice President – Entertainment Technology for ITEC Entertainment. “ITEC’s engineering team worked closely with Dubai Parks and Resorts to streamline the design and fabrication processes, while maintaining our standards for safety and quality.”
In order to ensure a successful delivery of the systems on a tight schedule, ITEC partnered with Wartsila Funa International on the project.  Wartsila Funa International was the provider for all of the audio and video systems for both of the parks as well as for Riverwalk, the entertainment and shopping complex at the entrance to the parks.  Wartsila Funa’s local presence in Dubai and their team of experienced expats complemented ITEC’s 30-person in country team to help make the job progress smoothly.

“The Dubai Parks project was a massive, 18-month effort that tested the best of us in terms of being flexible to the ever-changing site conditions,” said Paul Weber, Managing Director, Wartsila Funa Solutions. “Our partnership with ITEC was solid throughout. We couldn’t have hoped for a better working relationship and the results speak for themselves.”

ITEC Entertainment Team Working at Bollywood Park
ITEC Entertainment Team Working at Motiongate

Motiongate is a movie based theme park that hosts popular Hollywood brands, such as DreamWorks and Sony Pictures, and showcases a range of adrenalin-challenging rides and attractions.  The five Motiongate attractions for which ITEC provided the Ride Show Supervisory systems included The Great Shrek Adventure, How to Train Your Dragon, Hotel Transylvania, Smurf Studio Tour, and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs.  ITEC Entertainment’s RSS systems bring the five rides and stunt show to life by coordinating and orchestrating a number of independent technologies to create immersive, multi-dimensional guest experiences.

Bollywood Park is a first-of-its-kind theme park dedicated to celebrating Mumbai’s legendary film industry. At Bollywood Park, ITEC designed the attraction control system for an exciting stunt show based on the famous Indian movie series Dabangg.  This stunt show combines large show action equipment, special effects, flame effects, and pyrotechnics for added thrills. ITEC Entertainment’s RSS system is used to recreate action-filled audience adventures in Bollywood’s Dabangg Stunt Show.

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Lisa Junkerman