Then and Now: ITEC Entertainment & the Themed Entertainment Industry

Blog Post by Gwen Medeiros | LinkedIn

Editor’s Note: It is rare when after 23 years an employee’s career path returns her to an industry and a company that have transformed as much as themed entertainment and ITEC have over the years. ITEC is fortunate to have Gwen Medeiros re-join our team as the Entertainment Technology department’s Executive Assistant. We thought it would be interesting to learn Gwen’s “then and now” perspective of ITEC Entertainment and the themed entertainment industry.  Below is Gwen’s blog post on the subject.

I worked at ITEC for over four years in the 90s back when the company just had a handful of employees and I am astounded by the company’s growth since then. ITEC was exclusively a provider of entertainment technology solutions for major key players in themed entertainment, including Disney, Universal and Six Flags. Now the company has grown to over 100 employees in the US and Asia and counts master planning, design and production among their core offerings for some of the largest projects around the globe.

Since then, the market for themed entertainment elements has expanded too. The growth of the experience economy has amplified demand for themed elements beyond theme parks and attractions and into all sorts of industry verticals, such as mixed-use, commercial real estate, pop-up attractions and more. It’s not surprising that many of ITEC’s new projects are with commercial real estate developers as opposed to new entertainment studios. 

Despite the immense growth, ITEC remains a very close nit company. We are a true team, and everyone here will go out of their way to assist you. The atmosphere within ITEC has been one of the learning experiences where you can grow and take on more responsibilities. There is always someone who will teach you anything you want to learn, provide you opportunities and push you on. ITEC has such a diverse culture in our group it’s great to know you can reach out to anyone. We lead the industry with our dynamic employees who are diverse, creative, and detail-oriented while at the same time upholding our core values to create the perfect project that will outshine all others.

Every day is an adventure in the park. I am thrilled to be back and see so many employees from 23 years ago are still here. This speaks a lot for a company to have longevity like this.

Photo Caption: Gwen Medeiros meets with her colleagues on the Entertainment Technology team.

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