Things we learned from Charlie Wissig’s Speaker Series discussion

A big shout out to teachers everywhere for inspiring students who eventually turn into talented artists, designers and even Creative Directors like our Charlie Wissig!Charlie’s high school art teacher, Tom Knowland, at Centereach High School in Long Island, New York encouraged him to keep honing his craft and passion. His advice stayed with Charlie for decades and helped him acquire skills that took him through his storied career and eventually to ITEC.ITEC staffers were intrigued to hear of Charlie’s experiences and the advice he passed along:

  1. Say “yes” to every opportunity to learn something new;
  2. If you don’t already have the skills you need to get ahead, learn them on your own;
  3. Don’t be discouraged if one door closes. Another will always open, and
  4. Keep reinventing yourself.

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Lisa Junkerman