Due to the projected path of Hurricane Ian, the ITEC Florida offices will be closed through Friday, Sept. 30, for the safety of our employees, clients, and partners. During this time, our team will be working remotely.

Health & Safety Solutions

Convincing the public it’s safe to return is one of the biggest challenges theme parks, hospitality and leisure destinations will face in 2020. Data indicates that the majority of guests are willing to return if practical steps that address Operations, Technologies, Entertainment and Communications are put in place. Our end-to-end Health & Safety Solutions leverages our 35 years of expertise to help address these processes and keep guests safe while maintaining a flawless magical experience for visitors.

Since many destinations are still uncertain which health and safety  measures will be long-term or even permanent, more labor-intensive methods are being employed, such as hand-held temperature testing and manual capacity counting. ITEC has developed new technologies to keep guests safe while reducing labor expenses. Touchless technologies like  our temperature kiosk takes temperatures faster and with less staff. 
Learn more about our Touchless Temperature Kiosk

ITEC’s Health & Safety Solutions are designed to open the facilities safely and effectively while minimizing cost and risk. The program not only focuses on the safety of guests but also staff, vendors, suppliers, purveyors, and all other stakeholders. Our team of professionals can offer guidance on operating revenues, operational costs and more. 

We are masters at creating immersive themed environments across the globe. ITEC has earned the trust and confidence of a pedigree of clients around the world, including Universal and Disney – where ITEC’s founders launched their careers. Leveraging our team’s expertise in themed entertainment, we will seamlessly integrate the health and safety changes to keep the magic alive at theme parks.

A main challenge destinations face in reopening is the perception of health and safety at their parks. Part of ITEC’s Health & Safety Solutions approach is a strategic communication plan to ensure visitors are aware of the measures in place and feel safe returning. Our team of experts will provide key stakeholders with a narrative for internal and external communication that can be used for marketing content, on-premises signage, and other key areas.

Benefits of ITEC’s Health & Safety Solutions include:

  • An expedited return to partial and then full operations
  • Visual evidence that will bring peace of mind to your guests, shareholders and board members
  • A qualified capital and operating budget schedule
  • Increased guest loyalty

Contact us to learn how ITEC’s experience can help you persevere and improve your bottom line during these unprecedented times.