Creative Design & Content Development

Entertainment and Themed Content Development

Transforming imaginative attraction and show concepts into practical, buildable designs takes a special kind of expertise. ITEC’s experiential design and production team understands the requirements of architects, facility engineers, vendors, suppliers, and contractors. We are ideally equipped to work in close coordination with these professionals to assure that the final designs meet all local governmental agency reviews, as well as the project’s budget and schedule requirements, without compromising the creative intent.

Entertainment and Facility Design

From breathtaking, theme park landscapes, to whimsical buildings made for fantasy environments, to lively and energetic sports-themed facilities, ITEC has created an incredible array of entertainment experiences. Today, visitors of themed environments seek experiences that excite their senses and enrich their lives beyond imagination. ITEC meets those challenges by turning dream-level concepts into real facilities and experiences.

Media Presentations and Pre-Visualizations

In today’s high-tech world, the use of digital Pre-Visualization allows clients to view a more tangible, real-world representation of their project’s early stages than ever before. Digital arts are advancing at a rapid pace, and ITEC stays on the leading edge by employing some of the most talented digital developers in the industry. The complete parcel couples ITEC’s highly skilled developers with the best in-house technology available, giving Clients an amazing opportunity to see their project realistically, as it is being developed.

Project Development and Execution

ITEC’s ability to develop and execute projects with a high level of complexity is achieved via a full spectrum of creative staff, architects, engineers, and project managers, together holding hundreds of years of combined expertise and know-how. The “reward” of this comprehensive approach to a Client’s desires is ITEC’s rare position to fully handle the most challenging, complex entertainment experiences on the planet.