During this phase, the initial thoughts that will shape the project are freely discussed, recorded and formed into a preliminary project outline. ITEC works closely with the client’s team to further establish the basic criteria of the project scope, budget and schedule. Next, a narrative document is produced, which generally contains the goals and objectives, constraints, team organizational chart, physical components and requirements, project development target budget, and foretasted schedule for the project.

The goal of the Master Plan and Conceptual Design stage is to establish the design direct, look and feel for the project. To achieve this goal, ITEC implements in-depth programming workshops and creative charettes to unveil the imaginative concepts and practical details upon which the foundation of the project is established. Following these efforts, Project Themes Emerge, furthering the creative direction of the process and the overall Concept Development begins to take shape. From here, the creative team blends the storytelling and functional aspects of the project, culminating in a thorough and targeted Master Plan; the key needed to build a unique Guest Experience.