Pre-visualization, typically shortened to “Previz”, is the process of using computer animation to visualize a project during various phases of development. Historically, ITEC relied on storyboards, concept artwork, and white models to help develop and communicate the design for each project. Today, ITEC augments those tools with extensive uses of Previz to allow our designers to work in a virtual three-dimensional environment. This allows the design team to better understand each space as well as the “Guests” experience. Previz is also a fantastic tool for our clients to better understand and experience the project at every step.

Project Overviews

This video provides samples of various Previz overviews, presenting the scope and scale of each project.



This video provides samples of various Previz interiors, developed to show the internal spaces of each attraction.



This video provides samples of various “Rides and Show” Previz, developed to show the Ride or Show experience.