ITEC Entertainment Announces New Health & Safety Solutions

Program Helps Leisure, Hospitality and Theme Park Destinations Optimize Resources and Sustain Guest Loyalty Amidst COVID-19 Concerns

ORLANDO, Fla. – June 4, 2020 – ITEC Entertainment Corporation, an industry leader of worldwide entertainment solutions, today announced its Health & Safety Solutions to provide an end-to-end plan designed to build and sustain guest loyalty well after reopening. Springing from decades of expertise providing the latest innovations in attraction-based technical and operationally efficient control, observation and safety systems, the customized program helps leisure, hospitality, and entertainment destinations reopen and maintain their facilities safely and practically while minimizing cost, effort and risk.

“The themed entertainment and hospitality industries are facing one of the most crucial and challenging moments in their history that will define brand and shape experiences for years to come,” says Bill Coan, CEO of ITEC Entertainment. “ITEC Entertainment is well-positioned to help them meet this challenge with custom services and products to help our industry once again move forward and into a brighter future.”

The Health & Safety Solutions are based on over 30 years of ITEC’s experience in themed entertainment design, technology and development for the world’s largest entertainment companies and real estate developers. The company is leveraging its unique skill set for developing immersive and iconic guest experiences to introduce safety and health precautions that meet the recommended standards to get back to the business of entertainment.

The Health & Safety Solutions provide an in-depth review and analysis of a destination’s existing properties, strategies and timelines, as well as local government restrictions and re-opening preparations in progress. ITEC Entertainment’s team of experts then creates and implements a six-pronged approach including:

  • Recommended Operational Procedural Changes
  • Resource Planning and Optimization
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Key Stakeholder Communication Strategies
  • Assessment and Facilitation of Partnerships (including technical, cleaning/sanitization, marketing, and other epidemiologic-related products and services)
  • Facilitation, and Review of Acquisitions (recommended products and services to be implemented and review on a daily and weekly basis)

The end-to-end program considers both the necessary physical changes to facilities, such as hand sanitizing stations and capacity monitoring technology, and the importance of efficient communication and marketing tactics to increase the chances for a successful reopening. Health & Safety Solutions provide technical expertise to balance the magic of a quality guest experience with practices for optimizing guest capacity, social distancing, thermal imaging and other screening  measures to assess health conditions and make the best judgments to keep guests safe.

The key benefits of ITEC’s Health & Safety Solutions include:

  • An expedited return to safe, full operations
  • Visual evidence that will bring peace of mind to guests, shareholders and board members
  • A qualified capital and operating budget schedule
  • Increased guest satisfaction and loyalty

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