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Kim Quy (translated as “Golden Turtle”) is an upcoming entertainment infused, mixed-use project in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

ITEC Entertainment Corporation, a global industry leader of award-winning themed entertainment solutions, has announced the groundbreaking of a new entertainment based, mixed-use project to be built in Hanoi, Vietnam. Kim Quy (translated as “Golden Turtle”) was designed by ITEC Entertainment for Sun Group, one of the largest real estate groups in Vietnam. The project spans 250 acres and is highlighted by a major themed entertainment complex featuring interactive attractions along with the most current immersive, virtual and augmented reality experiences. 

Retail, dining and entertainment districts will host international brands and the Kim Quy cultural village which will provide an exciting home for working artisans and craftsmen from the Hanoi region of Vietnam. Tourism and the demand for entertainment in Vietnam continue to grow and ITEC has several projects in the pipeline for Sun Group as it works to make Vietnam an attractive global destination. 


Project Name: Kim Quy 
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam 
Developer: Sun Group 
Designer: ITEC Entertainment Corporation 
Total Area: 250 acres 
Renderings: © ITEC Entertainment Corporation 

“The project was inspired by a famous Vietnamese legend of the demi god, Golden Turtle or Kim Quy, along with a historical crossbow and shining citadel of Âu Lac. Our experience design process incorporated those ancient and significant elements to create an entertainment-infused and mixed-use project that celebrates the Vietnamese culture.” 

– Bill Coan, CEO & President of ITEC Entertainment and lead designer of Kim Quy. 

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Lisa Junkerman