ITEC Opens in Osaka

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ITEC Entertainment Corporation has opened a new office in Osaka, Japan to further expand its prominent global footprint. The Osaka office is a testament to ITEC’s growth plans to address new opportunities and expand ITEC’s focus on the leisure, hospitality, and entertainment markets in the region. Executive Vice President of Engineering – Asia Pacific for ITEC Technologies, Steve Alkhoja, will lead the burgeoning growth area and build upon ITEC’s 35-year heritage in designing engineering systems for some of the most complex and demanding projects in the world.

“Our expanded presence in Asia better serves our existing and future clients and helps us be even more responsive and strategic in that support,” said Steve Alkhoja. “Carefully orchestrated technologies and control systems are vital to the rich guest experiences ITEC Entertainment creates and the opening of this office marks a new level of ITEC’s commitment to foster even closer collaboration between our employees, our clients and projects in this important region.”

ITEC Entertainment has offices in Beijing, Orlando, and Los Angeles. The Osaka office further contributes to the company’s global expansion.

“ITEC’s unrivalled experience in creating world-class, immersive guest experiences, requires a great deal of strategic alignment, creativity and collaboration throughout the development process,” said President and CEO of ITEC Entertainment, Bill Coan. “Since we are a multidisciplinary organization with a strong diversity of talents, we can provide our clients in the Asia Pacific region with a competitive advantage in the themed entertainment marketplace.”

ITEC Entertainment is a 35-year veteran in the industry, providing planning, creative design, entertainment technology, and project development for the largest companies worldwide including Universal Studios Theme Parks, Six Flags, Sony, and Wanda Group. ITEC’s turnkey Experience Design Process (EDP) creates a story that serves as a project foundation, orchestrating all components of development to build the most immersive, comprehensive, and iconic guest experiences for theme parks, attractions, retail, themed dining, resorts, and more.

Some of ITEC’s flagship projects in Japan include: Harry Potter and the Forbidden JourneyTM; Super Nintendo World: Mario Karts, Yoshi and Super Mario Land; Space Fantasy; Jurassic Park-The Ride; JAWS; E.T.s Adventure; Terminator 2: 3D – all at Universal Studios Japan; Seafari at Porta Europa Park; and The Little Mermaid Theater at Tokyo DisneySea

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