Orlando-Based ITEC Entertainment Designs Concept For Bangkok’s The Forestias Mixed-Use Development

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Orlando-based ITEC Entertainment designs concept for Bangkok’s The Forestias mixed-use development

Orlando-based ITEC Entertainment announced it has designed the largest private sector property development in Thailand, describing it as a mixed-use project centered on the concept of sustainable living.

Construction on The Forestias began in 2019, and the first phase will be completed in 2021. The project combines condominiums, villas and estate homes with commercial and office spaces, a recreation complex, restaurants and entertainment, ITEC said in a news release.

“A key feature of The Forestias is its expansive, sapling-planted forest” at the center, the release said. The forest is nearly 12-acres.

“The Forestias concept can serve as a blueprint for developments across the globe for how to creatively integrate an imaginative story and nature-centered innovation into an urban environment resulting in sustainable living and a better quality of life for all,” said Bill Coan, ITEC’s CEO and president.

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