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Construction has begun on a major mixed-use and entertainment complex in Harbin, North East China. ITEC Entertainment is providing masterplanning and concept design services for Harbin Paradise Park and what will become the first Ripley’s Believe It or Not! outlet in China.

The Ripley’s ‘Odditorium’ will be paired with two other major themed attraction areas. Its developers, the Shanghai Xian Dai/Arcplus Group, hope the facility will become a major local and regional entertainment destination in Harbin.

Whilst Ripley’s showcases weird and wonderful exhibits from around the world, Rainforest Bay Aqua Park will cater to families of wet adventure seekers. Visitors will be able to enjoy a multi-storey indoor waterpark with pools and caverns, cabanas and multiple slides, zip lines and elevated activity gazebos.

Aiming to draw shoppers after their Ripley’s and waterpark experience will be a commercial sector, with nearly a mile (1.6km) of storefronts inspired by global continents.

ITEC’s services include attraction identity and story treatments to be delivered and experienced throughout the attractions’ rides, exhibits, displays, branding and activities that extend into all interior and exterior environments.

“ITEC Entertainment is grateful for the longstanding relationship we have had with the legendary Ripley Entertainment brand,” says the Florida firm’s president, Bill Coan. “That trust combined with the strength of our joint venture partnership with Shanghai Xian Dai/Arcplus Group will ensure a thrilling and rewarding guest experience.”

Rainforest Bay Aqua Park and the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! attraction areas are slated for opening in 2019.

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