The Forestias

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ITEC Entertainment conceived of the multigenerational concept design for The Forestias, Thailand’s largest private sector development initiative. ITEC worked with MQDC to pioneer the new concept of multigenerational community living in a unique forest setting. The project is an example of how city living and nature can not only co-exist, but can actually grow better together and become one of the most future-forward sustainable living community experiences for people of all ages.

Everything at The Forestias is designed with a common purpose to promote the good health and happiness of residents to a level never before undertaken, including the layout of the public spaces, home layouts, choices of materials used inside and outside homes, the integration of 21st century life technologies, the management of natural light, noise, heat, airflows, as well as air quality and water quality. Among the most important innovations at The Forestias is the way the project will bring families closer together across multiple generations through carefully planned residential components.  They are designed specifically for the needs of particular age groups, whether they are first jobbers, newlyweds, young families, or older parents, and this allows them to live close to their children and grandchildren, or their parents, while still allowing each to maintain their independence and privacy.

The Forestias will include multigenerational residential components with condominiums, villas and estate homes for a diverse range of lifestyles and family sizes, plus commercial spaces, such as offices, a recreation complex, food and beverage outlets, and family education and entertainment facilities. A key feature of The Forestias is its expansive, sapling-planted 4.8-hectare forest at its center.

ITEC developed the central narrative that drives the intergenerational community experience for residents and tenants and embodies the entire 63.7-hectare property focused on healthier, happier and more sustainable living. ITEC also delivered a comprehensive user experience master plan including physical planning, environmental designs and marketing initiatives.

The Forestias concept serves as a blueprint for developments across the globe for how to creatively integrate an imaginative story and nature centered innovation into an urban environment resulting in sustainable living and a better quality of life for all.

The Forestias is designed to cleverly use its natural environment to implement a number of sustainable initiatives, including water management strategies that mitigate stormwater run-off and improve water quality. The property will also feature advanced irrigation systems requiring no potable water, vegetation providing shade to hardscape areas that will reduce the urban heat island effect, and active soil and invasive species management. These elements are skillfully woven into the overall layout to deliver an unforgettable and nature-filled mixed-use experience.

Project Scope: