Interviews ITEC’s CTO Marc Plogstedt on New Tech Innovations Amid the Pandemic

View the Article Source A saying that is becoming more common in the current COVID-19 environment states, “crises don’t create trends, they help accelerate them.” This adage is especially true as it relates to the effect of the pandemic on the leisure and hospitality sector. As the industry works diligently to find new ways to deliver … Read more

Customers Come First: Orlando’s Hospitality Tech Industry Drives Evolution of Guest Experience

See Full Article By Michael Keller Marketing & Communications Orlando News With a massive flow of potential customers as visitors to nearby attractions, Orlando is a natural focus group for restaurateurs and hoteliers to try out new marketing and tech strategies. Visitors who book a room at certain Marriotts outfitted with new video display units are about to come … Read more

The Tech Behind The Magic

See Full Article By Michael Keller Marketing & Communications Orlando News A top destination for theme park visitors, Orlando companies also spearhead entertainment innovation used across the globe. An angry mummy challenges a carful of visitors to unravel his puzzle. Their roller-coaster ride continues through the darkness to projections of bugs crawling out of broken walls. More … Read more