Element Control

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ITEC Technologies provides design, fabrication, and programming for individual element controllers.  These controllers are used to control an individual piece of equipment or effects.  These system controllers, which are sometimes called sub-systems, are designed to provide local control of the equipment, while allowing remote control from the main control system. 

ITEC can work with your team to determine the most efficient design for your specific application.  ITEC uses industry standard electronic hardware and software and can meet your project requirements.

For safety-rated systems, ITEC can provide safety-rated components and software, which adhere to all ASTM and EN ISO 13849 requirements up to, and including, PLe rated systems. 

If you have a need for system controllers, give us a call and talk to one of our Solution Engineers.  All of our system controllers use the same design philosophy as we used on integrated systems, which include:

  • Reliability- ITEC has systems which have been operating continuously for over 25 years.
  • Ease of Operation- Every ITEC system is designed with simple to use operator interfaces, which minimize training and maintenance costs.
  • Long life components- ITEC uses components from the industrial control manufacturers, which are designed and supported for long life. 
  • UL-508A Certification- ITEC systems are fabricated in our UL certified facilities signifying our commitment to quality and safety.