Hogwarts Express

Lowercase "i" shape of ITEC logo used alone, as a visual accent over this section.

ITEC Technologies provided the video and audio system for the Hogwarts Express attraction which is located in Orlando, Florida.  This attraction is a transportation system which takes guests from one park to another.  As they travel, they enjoy a simulated ride through areas and scenes from the Harry Potter movies.   

This attraction has two complete “trains” that travel back and forth between the stations.  Each train contains multiple compartments in which the Guests are seated during travel.  There are 168 separate projectors on each train to create the illusion of the journey.  All video equipment is located on the train and travels with the train.     

ITEC also provided the custom designed projection screens for each compartment and the ruggedized projector system.  The screen and projection system are mounted on a custom vibration damping system to eliminate movement in the projected image.

The video sources for the system utilize 7th sense video servers feeding the images through a fiber optic network that runs throughout the train.  Each projector image is fed from this fiber optic network.