Journey to Madagascar

Lowercase "i" shape of ITEC logo used alone, as a visual accent over this section.

ITEC Technologies provided the ride control system for the Journey to Madagascar attraction in Singapore.  This ride is comprised of multiple ride vehicles which are boats.  The ride vehicles float in a water flume which traverses the attraction.  The ride has conveyers to allow the ride vehicles to be loaded and unload at the station area.  There are additional effects conveyers in the attraction which accelerate the ride vehicles to create an exciting effect.

ITEC provided the ride control system and the necessary power control equipment to operate the conveyors.  The ride control system is comprised of safety rated industrial processors that communicate with field installed I/O over a fiber optic network.  All sensors, operator controls and local control boxes are connected to this distributed network.  ITEC also provided the main operator control console which includes diagnostic systems for the ride.

ITEC provided the Motor Control Cabinet for each conveyer which is controlled by a variable frequency drive.  Each drive is connected to the control network allow for advanced diagnostics of each unit.

ITEC also provided the control and motor control for the flume pumping system.  This system is comprised of multiple submersible pumps.  Each pump is controlled by a separate variable frequency drive which allows the ride control system to adjust the speed of the ride and to compensate for the failure of one of the submersible pumps.