Jurassic World

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Jurassic World is an attraction in Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.  The attraction is an update to the Jurassic park ride, now inspired by the latest movie. 

ITEC helped Universal Studios develop all three Jurassic Park attractions.  ITEC also assisted Universal Studios Hollywood Technical Services in developing a plan to replace outdated technical systems through its obsolescence program.

ITEC performed modernization services, which included the complete replacement of the following systems:

  • Ride Control System
  • Show Control System
  • Show Animation Control Systems
  • Special Effect Control Systems
  • Attraction Networking
  • Passenger Surveillance System
  • Show and Ride Programming

As part of the Modernization process, ITEC also provided customer operational and maintenance training.

Modernization is an excellent method to extend the life of attractions without spending unnecessary funds on complete replacements.  With ITEC’s assistance, Universal extended this attraction’s life for many years to come.