Men in Black

Lowercase "i" shape of ITEC logo used alone, as a visual accent over this section.

ITEC Technologies provided the ride control system for the Men in Black attraction in Orlando Florida.  This ride is comprised of multiple ride vehicles which operate on two separate tracks.  The ride vehicles are dispatched in pairs so the Guests on each vehicle can interactive with the other ride vehicle as they travel through the attraction. 

Each ride vehicle has its own control and propulsion system.  The vehicles are capable of variable speed forward motion and unlimited bi-directional rotation of the Guest seating area.  The ITEC control system provides variable speed drives to control the two motion axes of the ride vehicle.

The ride vehicle control system controls the speed and movement of the ride vehicle based on positioning sensors and pre-programmed motion sequences. 

ITEC also provided the land-based control system which directs the movement of all of the ride vehicles in the attraction through the use of discrete zones.  The land-based control system also provides all operator interfaces and diagnostic messaging functions.