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ITEC Technologies provides networking solutions that are designed for the special needs of the leisure and hospitality markets.  While more and more electronic equipment is transitioning from discrete signals to networked connections, the complexity of the protocols used can be a bit overwhelming.  Understanding these unique forms of communication is critical to delivering an efficient and reliable network.

With a thorough understanding of all network types—copper, fiber, and wireless, ITEC Technologies has the experience necessary to deliver a robust and reliable networking solution for your project.  ITEC will work closely with your team to develop affordable, maintainable, and reliable solutions, whether it is a new project, an addition to an existing network, or an upgrade necessary to replace or enhance an outdated network.

​If your application requires safety-rated systems to be hosted on your network, ITEC can help you design and build a network that allows for CIP-Safety over Ethernet/IP.  Our engineers will make sure that this network traffic is secure and isolated from the rest of your network. 

ITEC Technologies has provided the networking solutions for many of the industry’s best-known and most challenging projects.  If you are looking for help with your network design or implementation, give us a call and talk to one of our Solution Engineers.