Power of Nature

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ITEC Technologies provided Production Management for the Power of Nature attraction which is located in Wuhan China.  ITEC Entertainment was hired as the overall project designer and ITEC Technologies provided the Production Management team for the project.

The Power of Nature attraction is comprised of multiple queue spaces, which inform guests about the power of natural disasters, such as tornadoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis.  The show finale allows guests to ride in a specialty designed weather-chasing vehicle looking for these kinds of events.

To create the effect that guests are riding in the weather chaser vehicle, the attraction uses one of the largest motion bases created for the general public which creates dynamic motion.  This motion is synchronized to one of the largest 3D projection screens in the world.  Real physical effects, such as water and steam, are directed at the guests to heighten the realism of the attraction.

ITEC Technologies was responsible for the production management of all elements for the attraction, including show sets, finishes, lighting, audio, video, effects, show action equipment and the ride system.  ITEC’s production management team provided day-to-day management of the various vendors providing these systems.