ITEC’s Touchless Temperature Kiosk

Take Temperatures Faster and with Less Staff!

Since many destinations are still uncertain which health and safety  measures will be long-term or even permanent, more labor-intensive methods are being employed, such as hand-held temperature testing. ITEC Technologies has developed new innovative technologies to keep guests safe while reducing labor expenses. Touchless technologies like  our temperature kiosk takes temperatures faster and with less staff.

Features and Options

  • Touchless skin temperature measurement in seconds
  • More consistent readings than hand scanners
  • Company branding may be added to the main screen and unit front
  • User looks at screen and moves their face into position
  • Voice messages for normal temperature
  • Notifications for elevated temperature
  • Setup requires only a USB mouse and keyboard
  • Temperatures displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • The system can be set up in less than 30 minutes
  • Absence of face mask may be set as a warning
  • LED light allows operation in dark spaces
  • Available with floor stand or countertop stand
  • Facial recognition programming available

Floor Stand                                            Countertop Stand

Medical Notice:

  • This is not a medical device and cannot diagnose illness.
  • If the Elevated Temperature alarm is sounded, businesses should conduct a secondary screening with a medical grade device.

Contact us to place your order and learn more about how ITEC Technologies Touchless Temperature Kiosks can help your business implement health and safety measures during these unprecedented times.