Strategic Partners

ITEC Entertainment’s partnerships create worldwide opportunities for clients.

ITEC Entertainment’s strong relationships and associate networks serve as conduits that enable us to mobilize resources and reach worldwide opportunities for our clients.

Real Estate Development
We seek to develop and create unique and never-before-built structures that means our clients get the benefit of our partnerships with the best development companies in the world.

Integrated Supply Chain
We mobilize engineering, prototyping, testing and manufacturing services for some of the world’s most popular theme park operators.

Creating immersive guest experiences that push the boundaries of design, technology and production is our forte. Our heritage and expertise ensures you are offering relevant content that guests simply cannot get elsewhere.

Our international partners not only strengthen your bottom line they ensure utmost safety for your guests and enable optimum performance for your themed entertainment project.

Business Planning
ITEC Entertainment is at the forefront of creating profitable solutions that are built upon solid market analysis, business plans and processes.